Your AS/BGP from an outside point of view

BGP Sentinel

Internet is a free zone, a global collection of multiple sub-networks, called Autonomous Systems, connected at multiple points that share the responsibility of managing of the entire web traffic. The constant flow of communication between AS lets you know the real status of the network that surrounds you and so be aware of how the rest of the world identifies you: correct exchanges, anomalies and problems.

How can you be sure that your AS (Autonomous System) is safe? The only way is to keep the Internet under constant supervision , verifying how your AS and IP addresses are seen, if different carriers correctly understand your announces and if, because of an error or an external attack, others receive twisted information about you.

INRETE BGP Sentinel collects the announcements on how your AS and IP addresses are seen through several carriers, records all the anomalies and notifies critical situations with a personalized system of alarms. BGP Sentinel is a 24-7 service providing constant updating and a full registration of crucial events.